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IT Security Consulting Services

Implementing ISMS

Implementing Information Security Management System
Our information security services, based on the ISO:27001 standards, guarantee confidentiality, integrity and 7/24 availability. Based on the ISO:27001 framework, MagiCom provides implementation and education services.

Business Continuity Plan

  • The service considers the potential impacts of each type of disaster or event. (business impact
  • Plans, measures and arrangements to ensure the continuous delivery of critical services and products,
         which allows the organization to recover its facility, data and assets;
  • Identification of necessary resources to support business continuity, including personnel, information,
         equipment, financial allocations, infrastructure protection and accommodations;
  • We examine your system with different vulnerabilities, then create a list based on the examination in
         high, medium, low and other risk categories;
  • Besides creating the risk categories a yearly occurrence rate of the individual risks is also determined,
         focusing on its negative and serious effects on the business processes;
  • The client has to decide if they want to spend time and money to implement an improvement, but even
         if they decide to do nothing, at least they have made a conscious decision to accept the risk rather
         than not knowing about the issue;
  • Since we offer our skills in the practice as well, we are capable to make the necessary system, process
         or network modifications as this is part of our services.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Every business and organization can experience a serious incident which can prevent it from continuing normal operations; this could happen at any time. The potential causes are various, such as flood, fire, sabotage, power and energy disruptions, explosion, computer malfunction, accident, grievous act... the list is endless.

Our services are designed to be prepared for these scenarios. We can help reduce both the risk and impact should the worst occur.

  • Backup strategy / Restore strategy;
  • Transaction monitoring;
  • Journaling;
  • Failover solutions;

         - Hot site: real time back-up
         - Warm site:
         - Cold site:
         - Mobil

  • Documented and tested disaster recovery procedures

         - Planning,
         - Structural walk through,
         - Life testing